Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Tower...

Today my husband decided the tower of laundry baskets in our room and the mountain of laundry needed to be taken care of.  After tripping on said laundry for a couple of weeks now I don't blame him at all.  It is one of those things that I have been meaning to "get to" but since no one that comes over ever sees our room it is always the last thing on my list, after all the clothes are clean and they rotate.  Who says that clothes have to be folded before you wear them, right?  So my husband did the wonderful thing and took the kids downstairs so I could be left to my tower of laundry.  It took me most of the day, and my favorite part when Andrew stood downstairs yelling, "Mommmmmy, oh Mommmmmy let down your hair."  So we now have a clean room, with no laundry baskets stacked haphazardly on top of each other.  I even got the sheets washed and put back on the bed.  I'm wondering though if my husband is going to wake up in the morning and not know where he is though. Anyways, I'm happy to say that the laundry and the ironing (all of the ironing) is done and put away...at least until tomorrow.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Coming home...

I recently went to Arizona to visit my husbands cousin and to have some dental work completed. I found an amazingly cheap flight through Aligent and because of this decided to leave the majority of the kids at home with the husband and only took the baby with me.  The only time I have ever left Andrew and Annette overnight has been to have a baby so I was nervous but figured everyone would survive. 

Day 1: 
Andrew shoved his balloon up into the ceiling fan and got the string wrapped up in the motor.  Luckily it didn't break, quick fix.  Even though I look up now two weeks later and the string was never fully removed.  Dad managed to get Annette to ballet not only on time but early, but forgot the library book tp return.

Day 2:  
Very uneventful day, or at least no events were reported, Ayden made it to Cub Scouts and the book found its way home to the library.

Day 3: 
Phone call from Ayden's school about something that happened on Day 2, since he didn't have a parent sign his think sheet they had to check and see if we knew what happened. Annette decided she was tired of her bangs and some of her hair cut it off while at grandmas house.

Day 4: 
Get up at 3 am to finish packing, load up drive an hour to the airport where I argue with the silly secuirty people about taking off my baby wrap, I swear next time I'm not going to wear a shirt under it so they can't make me take it off. Loose an hour on the flight because of the time change and get shown Grandma how to latch the funky car seat.  Get in the van, drop grandma off, stopped by the hair salon (not open yet), go home and fix the seedlings that have grown like crazy in the past three days and water them.  Happily only we only had a few casulaties in my abscence, folded three loads of laundry that sat so patiently waiting for me to come home... I thought I called the laundry fairy before I left but I guess the message got lost. Did some ironing, then went back to the salon to get Annette's hair fixed.  While I was there I realized I hadn't had my hair cut since I found out I was pregnant with Adrianne and she's almost 8 months old, the ladies there seemed really nice and they weren't busy sooo.... I get in the chair while nursing Adrianne as Annette and Andrew roam around the shop seeing what they can get away with.  Annette decides she has to go to the bathroom the nice beauticians point the way.  Andrew then decides he needs to go too, disappears into the bathroom with Annette.  After about ummmm 7 minutes or so I ask the nice lady who isn't cuting my hair to see if everyone is still alive.  Andrew had taken off his daiper thrown it away and went to the bathroom,
Annette was washing her hands and coming out.  Andrew then comes struting out of the bathroom (Similar to the Urkel walk) with this funny smirk on his face as I realize he has pulled up his pants and is comando. The beautician comes out and asks if I have a diaper for him which I don't because we are literally around the corner from my house and this was just supposed to be a quick trip, but oh wait I keep some in the van!  She takes my keys gets the diaper and rediapers my kid as I am getting my hair cut.  Wow I love these ladies and gave them a very nice tip, and am glad I'm not due for another haircut for 16 months.  Ok, back home decide I should make some pretzels that I learned to make while I was gone, why I'm not quite sure. Took Ayden to piano lessons, where I fell asleep on their couch, oops.  Then off to Ayden's soccer practice, back home to make dinner and kids in bed. 

So I'm not sure if I should never leave again or leave more often. 

Friday, April 1, 2011

Coming Home

I just got back from Arizona!  I went down to visit and get some dental work done, it's so nice when you have a dentist you can trust.  I love going to visit Jeff & Krishawn they are such a nice family and I always feel so welcome. 
Well I left the three older kids at home for this trip with the hubby since I flew.  I missed them and from the fact that Annette and Andrew wouldn't let me out of their sight when I got home I think they missed me too.   It's always nice coming home when you have been away, but yesterday I had to jump right back into it.  I got up at 3:15am to get packed up and to the airport by 5 am, for the flight to take off around 6am.  I got a nap on the plan, I probably snored, and landed at 8:30 ish.  Now that would have been an awesome nap if was really that long but I lost an hour in the time change once I went over the AZ border and I was holding a sleeping baby sitting up in seats that didn't recline at all so, not a great nap.  Got picked up and got the kids, I got home around 9am.  Once home I folded the 3 loads of laundry that were so patiently waiting for me, ironed some, but not even 1/4 of the basket that needs done, staked the plants for the garden that grew like crazy while I was gone, went and got Annette's hair cut/fixed because she took scissors to it while I was away, while I was there decided I needed a trim since it has been almost 2 years since I have had one, came fed the kids, made pretzels, took Ayden to piano lessons, where I forgot to put my shoes on when I left the house and fell asleep on her couch while waiting, went home to grab soccer stuff went to Aydens soccer practice, ended up walking around with a crying baby in the stroller, came home made dinner got in the shower with Andrew & Annette, who still wouldn't let me out of their sight, put the kids to bed layed down watched Grey's Anatomy and fell asleep.  If it was up to me I'd still be sleeping.